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I'm so excited to announce that Evernight Publishing has accepted my latest story titled  By Any Other Name. I can't wait for you to meet my protagonists, Virginia and Chris. Stay tuned for more details.
While you're waiting, have you read A Life Half Lived?

My latest book is a bit darker than what you've come to expect from me, but I hope you love my anti-hero Nathaniel. Best of all, it was the Editor's pick.

editors pick.png

Teaser for A Life Half-Lived


“I’ve dreamt of you,” she whimpered as he suckled at her breast. “I imagined this moment. The taste of your kiss. Your skin pressed against mine.”

“Tell me more.” His warm breath tickled her skin as his lips brushed her neck, her chin, her lips. Her nipples beaded as cold air assaulted them and she longed to feel his mouth there once more.

The illusion appeared so real, so desirable. No scar could ever diminish his attractiveness. If anything, it added to his rugged appeal. Only someone who’d suffered such an ordeal could understand her pain. Praise the lord for gifting her with such an imaginative mind. She’d spent many a lonely night dreaming of laying in Nathaniel Ludthorp’s arms and now, her imagination had taken the fantasy to a higher level. They seemed perfectly matched. Two scarred and lonely souls, taking comfort in each other.

 If it had been the brandy that lowered her inhibitions and released her inner fantasies, she’d make it a habit to partake on a nightly basis. Oh, how she could become accustomed to the taste of those soft, plump lips. His dark, soulful eyes.

“Make love to me,” she breathed against his mouth, emphasizing her request with a kiss. “Do it, now, before I come to my senses, and you disappear.”

He paused for a moment, raising a thick, dark eyebrow, then grinned. “I have no intention of going anywhere, my dear. And, as for your request…”

A Life Half-Lived-3D.png
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