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By Any Other Name.

Virginia Rose has searched for decades for the vampire who stole her life and ended her acting career. Now, with revenge firmly in her grasp, a pesky crime reporter threatens to reveal her secret to the world.

Chris Stark fought hard for the opportunity to prove himself as an investigative journalist, but the story of a lifetime could cost him more than he’s willing to pay


She sat bolt upright in her chair, her shoulders squared as she leaned forward. Her pupils so large, he could hardly see the violet of her eyes. “I’d better not read anything pertaining to me or my family. Is that perfectly clear?”

Until now, his interest in her had only been a physical attraction. Her not-so-subtle threat suddenly piqued his interest. What secret was she hiding?

“You realize that telling a reporter to back off is like holding a red flag to a bull.”

When she rose to her feet, he mirrored her movements. They stood silently, her expression as serious as the grave while she stared up into his eyes. The flickering light of the candle cast strange shadows on her face. For a second, he thought he saw her eyes flash liquid gold.

“Bull testicles are a delicacy, rich in vitamins and protein. A careless bull may find himself castrated.”

Chris swallowed the lump in his throat. Ginny’s warning had a dual effect on his balls, drawing his attention back to her luscious mouth. Tempting as it was to offer her a taste, he recognized the gleam of menace in her eyes. Unfortunately, he pushed the envelope.

 “Is that a threat?” He’d barely finished the question when he felt the pressure on his scrotum as she cupped his balls in the palm of her hand. At first, he thought he might get lucky, but pleasure soon turned to pain as the tension increased. Fingernails dug into his flesh, and he dropped back, his butt landing on the edge of the table, drawing him eye level with his attacker. Her lips brushed his cheek as she whispered into his ear.

“No, that’s a promise.”

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